How are we influencing life around us? How are we using the resources of our earth, and what are we leaving behind us...to our children and their children?

We are all connected. We live in only one world...so what happens in Africa or Southamerica or USA is affecting everybody.

Our life in earth is very sensitive to changes.

And there are many changes we can't influence.

But we do have responsibility to use the resources we got in the best way. Specially when we have the knowledge about what is happening.

We may think that only one person doesn't make any change, but if we are many having the will and the dream...we do can make a change!

In these videos you will find a lot about climate changes, different arguments where scientists debates if humans are the cause of this or not...or if the things we do really influence the climate in a significative way. There are some videos on the consequences of the climate change as well, and some videos on recycling...just take a look around and make your own opinion. 



And these videos are about consumption...is this sustenible in the long range?

Very interesting!