War, Oppression, censorship, fanaticism

In all times we have had conflicts that we have 'solved' violently.
The difference is between old conflicts and the new ones is how the battles are fighted.
With more powerful weapons we can cause more damage.
When things happen far away from where we live, then it seems a fantasy. A film. We do not want to get involved.
We recently had a war in Europe, a slaughter in Rwanda, and the Palestinian conflict with Israel continues to reap misfortune.
Wars have always caused and will always cause great suffering. For the individual and for society.
And besides the open battles, we have oppression, censorship, violations of our rights.
And in a subtle way we are influenced in some way or another by propaganda. Economics dominates us, the religion dominates us.
We need a revolution of solidarity. But we are inside a wheel that never stops.
And sometimes Mafalda's expression is so true... stop the world! I want to get out!
We are living in a time of great possibilities. Communication has changed our lives in an incredible way.
And fortunately free speech still exists in most parts of the Internet.
In these videos I have tried to collect everything related to this matter.